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Please Note There Will Be No Photography Competition This    Year!
Barry Short,
8th of March 18:47 hrs
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To the park's home page...
I hope you can find everything you need!
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   To find your Planned Events for 2018!
Please open the link below :-

Barry Short,
the 2nd of March

If you are you visiting the park or lakes today? 
Open the BBC links below for your local forecast .


Latest News
Hartsholme Country Park
Does it again for the ninth time...
Green Flag Award Scheme...
Hartsholme Country Park
has received the award yet again...
Well done to all the park staff and volunteers your efforts and hard work have paid off yet again.
Barry Short

Photography Competition


The photography competition has now been judged.
Please find below the names of the winners and which month their photo will be used on.

January –  George Laidler

February – Colin Bradding

March – Jonathan Pickering

April – Betty Dunn

May – Vera Holmes

June – Vera Holmes

July – Peter Skelson

August – Mandy Pickering

September – Vera Holmes

October – Adrian Smith

November – Peter Skelson

December – Mark Clegg

Highly Commended – Steve Cotton

We are pleased to announce the above list of people’s photos will be used in the 2018 Calendar. A huge thank you to everyone who entered their photos which will go on display in the café in late August.

Barry Short

Sad news for the children! But safety is priority!
Thank goodness...

Barry Short
06:26hrs 09/02/2017.

Great News Today!!!
The HEART DEFIBRILLATOR is now installed
and ready for use if and when it's required...

This was made possible by all the park visitors who purchased a copy/copies of the park calendar!
The park advisory group thank every one of you!
Without you all this would never have been possible.
Barry Short
17:28hrs 12th of January 2017. 

Good news about your park...
Open the link below to read the news...
Barry Short,
24th of July

"Toddler Time"
at Hartsholme...
Open the link below for more information of this popular new event...

Barry Short,
12th of  May  

Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group is focused on providing a service to create visitor satisfaction.
We will do everything possible to
look after your park!

New Activities for the under 5's 
"Toddler Time"
Barry Short,
the 4th of May
Click on the image to expand...

Sad day around the park on Friday the 22nd of April 2016.
We said goodbye to a very popular and much loved park Conservation Ranger...
"Colin Parker"
Colin left the park after many years of dedicated service.
It's been a well known saying throughout the park and lakes that if ever you wanted to know anything about the park or the lakes...
"Ask Colin"
On leaving we wished him a fond goodbye from all the park visitors, volunteers, HCPAG and staff.
We wished him well in the future.
Goodbye!!! Colin and thank you for just being...
Colin of Hartsholme Country Park!

Barry Short, Friday the 22nd  of April 2016.
Are you visiting the park today?
Take a look at the BBC and Environment Agency weather information for our area today open the links below...

Barry Short,
 Saturday the  9 of April 2016.

Notice to all our park visitors!
That own a camera... 

Click on any image to expand...
We are smack in the middle of Spring! 
The time when all the spring flowers are in bloom around the park and lakes and  wildlife is very active all over the place.
So now is the time for our photographers to set up their camera and click on anything that moves, choose your favourite pictures and then enter them in the
2017 Calendar Competition...    

 Scroll down to the page until you come to the little guy with the camera and click on him for the entry form and rules of the competition...
If you like your pictures so will we!
Barry Short,
the 11th of April 2016

Launch of Park Watch!

Barry Short,
the 10th of April 2016
Dog owners please be warned of changes to the law wef :-  
The 6th of April 2016.
To read the changes please open the link below...

 Barry Short,
the 4th of April

Latest Notice for park visitors from
City Hall...

Click on the document below..
Barry Short,
the 25th of March

New Picture Page in Green Area...

Becky and Tom's Bird Garden!
Barry Short,
the 7th of March

Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group 
Strongly Object To Leasing Park Land To The Rear Of Keadby Close,Lincoln.

Open HCPAG Press Officers Page in the green Area and scroll down to Letter number 14
Barry Short,
the 3rd of March

Notice to all our photography enthusiasts that visit  
Hartsholme Country Park or Swanholme Lakes...
Click on the image below to take you to the photo calendar competition.
for 2017...

New contact with park visitor
Vera Holmes...
Vera sent me three beautiful pictures, many thanks!  
They are top class images as you will see below:- 
Click on any image to expand...
Barry Short,
the 12th of December 2015.19 :15hrs.

The Story of a
White French Partridge
On Friday the 27th of November, 
regular visitor to the park Ruth Holland sent me two images of a  French White Partridge she had spotted in her garden.
Click on any image to expand...
I had no knowledge 0f this bird so I searched for information and images of the bird on various websites and found nothing about it...
So I contacted the BTO for help 
(British Trust for Ornithology)
Copies of emails below...
From: Barry Short < [email protected]>
Date: 30 November 2015 at 15:26
Subject: Type of Bird?
[email protected]

Good afternoon to you!  
Let me introduce myself, I am Barry Short and I run my own website about "Hartsholme Country Park", Lincoln:-
I have received two images from a regular park visitor attached.
The lady that took the pictures in her own garden sent me the pictures with information calling it a "White French Partridge".
I have searched for this bird but cannot find any information of  the "White French Partridge"
I wondered if you could help me with any information that I could publish on my site acknowledged to you about this bird.
I hope you can help.
Kind Regards.

Date: 01/12/2015 17:36:49
Subject: Re: Type of Bird?

Dear Barry,
Thanks for your email. This looks like a Red-legged Partridge, an introduced game bird also known (mainly in shooting circles) as a French Partridge. However, they are not normally white - this bird has a plumage abnormality known as leucism. You can find out a bit more about this, and report this individual, on our Abnormal Plumage Survey site.
So, it would be correct to call this a white French Partridge, but it would also be correct to call it a leucistic Red-Legged Partridge!

Thanks, Kate

Kate Risely, Garden BirdWatch Organiser
British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU

Tel: 01842 750050.  GBW website:  www.bto.org/gbw

Registered Charity No 216652 (England & Wales) No SC039193 (Scotland)
Company Limited by Guarantee No 357284 (England & Wales)

  On 30 November 2015 at 16:44, Garden Ecology <[email protected]>

Many thanks to Kate for being so prompt with a perfect explanation. 

Below is a picture of a Red Legged Partridge how it should look, extracted from Wikipedia.


So Ruth, your garden visitor can be correctly called a selection of names:-
If you are a brave member of a game shooting club which I know you are not, thank goodness! It's a
"French Partridge"
Because your stunning bird is white it can be called a "White French Partridge"
or a
"Leuctistic Red Legged Partridge"
I must thank you for sending me your pictures and I am sorry for the delay in publishing them.
Best wishes to you and thank you again.
Barry Short,the 3rd of December 2015. 10:09hrs.
Flood Alleviation message received from
Mr Dave Charysz
Open Spaces Officer at City Hall...
Thank-You Dave...
Click on the link below to read...
Barry Short,
the 12th of October 2015.

Click on the image above to expand...
Great news passed on to me by Ruth Simons our
Senior Conservation Ranger...
Message reads...
One of our colour ringed herons has been sighted at Manby Flashes.
I've just sent back details to the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) so we should hopefully be getting the official data through in the next few days and I'll forward on to you as soon as I get it.
It was bird...
Al, ring number 1506757 from tree D22 ringed on 8th of April 2015.
Sighted on the 24th of August.
Hopefully further news to be continued...  
Barry Short,
the 4th of September 2015.
Cycling Consultation...
We're looking to upgrade some of the footpaths in Hartsholme Country Park and we need your views.
The city council particularly wants to know if visitors feel there is a need for designated cycle routes for commuters through the park.
Please let us know what you think via our online survey by clicking on the address below:-

Great News again the Park Conservation Rangers and Volunteers have won for the eighth consecutive year the
Green Flag Award for 2015/16...
Ruth Simons our Head Conservation Ranger
adds some more good news...
We are pleased to announce that along with continued success with the Green Flag we have also retained our three stars for the camp site which continues to be a popular place to stay for visitors to the City of Lincoln.
        Press Release below...
Two of Lincoln’s most popular parks have once again been recognised for providing some of the best open spaces in the country.
The Arboretum on Monks Road has received the Green Flag Award for the 11th year while Hartsholme Country Park has secured the prestigious status for the eighth year in a row.
The Green Flag scheme is run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy to reward parks and open spaces in England and Wales that are well-maintained with excellent facilities.
Caroline Bird, Community Service Manager for City of Lincoln Council, which owns both parks, said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive the Green Flag Awards as they recognise and highlight that people in Lincoln are benefiting from green spaces of the highest quality.
“Hartsholme Country Park and The Arboretum are two of our most popular parks. People in Lincoln are rightly passionate about their parks and green spaces and we are committed to maintaining and improving them so that they remain places that are enjoyable to use.
“There are many volunteers who have helped to ensure that the parks are a welcoming, clean and safe environment for residents and visitors to enjoy and we thank them for all the work they do.”
Nationally, 1,582 parks and green spaces are flying the Green Flag after being listed in the announcement by Keep Britain Tidy.
Paul Todd, International Green Flag Award scheme manager, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Award scheme.
“All the flags flying this year are a testament to the efforts of the thousands of men and women, both staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award.”

Barry Short,
the Fr iday 24th of July 2015.

Many thanks to regular park visitor
"Ruth Holland" for sending in
seven great pictures of deer on the meadow, if you wish to see all seven open my "Visitors Picture Page..."
in the green area. My favourite is below...

Barry Short,
the 15th of June 2015.

I have received a number of emails referring to the image below which I published on the 29th of April at 12:15hrs, asking about the egg you can see bottom right of the picture. Yes, it is an Heron's egg which appeared in this nest on Friday the 24th of April which is far too late into the breeding season to hatch plus it is unattended by any adult heron. I hope this note answers your questions and many thanks for your interest in the
"Grey Herons of Hartsholme Lake".
Barry Short,
the 30th of April 2015.
Click on the picture to expand !

Visitor notice from the parks head ranger
Miss Ruth Simons:-
Barry Short.
o7:15hrs Tuesday the 17th of March 2015.

Latest message ( News letter number 13) 
from Brian Harding your 
HCPAG press officer to be found in the green area page
"HCPAG Press Officer".

Barry Short.
o8:55hrs Tuesday the 3rd of March 2015.

Many thanks to Kate Screaton for sending me this stunning picture of dawn breaking over the lake taken by her niece on her way to work...
Barry Short.
12:25hrs 21st of January 2015.

Keep looking for the first Snowdrops around the park...
Click on the picture to enlarge.
Christmas and New Year festivities have  now past!
Let us all look forward to Spring 2015...
Barry Short
6th of January 2015.
Little Maisy spots the coffin in the tree...
"The Halloween Trail"
is now over for another year...
It was a wonderful success with 650 children bravely walking the trail over the seven days...
Many thanks to Gran Liz Bilton , Mum and Dad the parents of the three sisters below...
Rosie in the blue top, Erin in the yellow top and Maisy  in the pink top for sending me and granting permission to publish the seven pictures of the girls walking the "Halloween Trail" on day one...
Also in the pictures are Gran Liz Bilton  and family friend  Shirley controlling 
Molly" and "Megan" the two guard dogs. The girls were in safe hands...
  Click on the collage to enlarge...
Barry Short.
1st of November 2014.

Click on fish to enlarge image...
First images of fish published on the
"Fishing at HCP"
page in the green area..
Barry Short.
1st of September 2014.

Click on image to enlarge...
Barry Short.
31st of August 2014.

Short video below of the camp - site  problems over the August Bank Holiday,
regarding to the unauthorised caravans visit...
Before watching this video, pause the sound bar at the top of this page or the page sound track will clash with the video sound track...
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Park Campsite Clean Up
Barry Short.
29th of August 2014.
I am so pleased to inform you all that the park campsite is now open after the major problems we have endured over the last few days...
As I write this notice I have just received a telephone call to inform me that the first caravan of an expected four today has just arrived at the park.
Barry Short.
23rd of August 2014.

Very Happy!
Belated ending to
the story of the baby Tawney Owl...

To enlarge click on the image... 
We collected 4 beautiful fledged young tawny owls, including the one we rescued, from Weirfield  Wildlife hospital this morning ( 11th of June) and gave them their freedom in our garden. An amazing moment!
Now the aftercare begins as I defrost half a dozen frozen day old chicks each day and, at dusk every day for the next few days, place them at the spot where we released the owls in the hope that they will return to feed until they become fully self-sufficient.
Jan and Brian Harding...

To enlarge click on the image... 
Scroll down the page to read start of the story>>>

Barry Short.
3rd of August2014.

"Great Success"
in your park on Tuesday the 29th of July.
Slide show of event to be found in green section:
"Den Building Slide Show"
To enlarge click on the image... 

Den Building
Tuesday 29th July 1pm to 3pm.
Booking essential. £2.50
Barry Short.
16th of July 2014.

Nice picture sent to me from park visitor (Ruth Holland) of the Red Arrows flying over  Hartsholme  Lake yesterday.
Many thanks Ruth...
To enlarge click on the image...
Barry Short.
1st of June 2014.
Barry Short.
Very important notice from City Hall... 
To all park visitors
walking their dogs....

Please open the PDF below to read the notice:
Poster.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)
Barry Short.
28th of May 2014.


The story  of the baby Tawney Owl continued... By Brian and Jan Harding.

At dusk, several days after the rescue, two baby owls were seen in a cherry tree adjacent to the nest. They were feeling their feet, wings etc balancing precariously then tumbling off their branch and regaining their balance on another. The next evening we saw them again in the cherry tree but this time with a lovely bonus - mother owl arrived with what looked like a baby rabbit, which she fed to each of them and then flew into the owl box.

A fourth baby owl??

We didn't see the two fledged baby owls again but a day or two later, watched a fourth baby owl emerge from his nest box and perch on the edge of it, cautiously flexing his wings, while calling for food.  We observed the same thing for a couple of more evenings, with the owlet getting braver on each occasion, until last night, it finally was brave enough to make its way further up the tree and eventually flew.  

We haven't seen any activity since, so I guess the family is complete.

Owlet at Weirfield is doing very well and is today graduated from a restricted pen to an aviary, and once it is flying well, will be released in our garden to join his family. Five other owlets are being cared for at Weirfield and there is a possibility that these too may be released in our garden.

Many thanks to Jan and Brian for sending me this continuation of a lovely nature story which I will now rename as :  
"The Tawny Owl Family"
in an English country garden!
(Adjacent to Hartsholme Country Park Lincoln)
Fingers crossed to be continued... 
Barry Short.
13th of May 2014.
A great story of a baby Tawney Owl...
Our press officer Brian and his wife Jan find a baby owl that had fallen from their owl box in their garden...
To enlarge click on the image... 
To enlarge click on the image... 

Their immediate action drill was to take the sad little owl to the

Weirfield Wildlife Hospital of Lincoln"...

It is now being cared for and fed under heat lamps for a few days and then will be returned to its box to join its sister or brother now known to also be in the box wondering where its brother or sister has disappeared too...

A lovely story which will continue...

Well done!!! To Brian and Jan.  

Barry Short.
30th of April 2014.

A robin visits "Harvey's" bird feeder!!!

A great letter of gratitude from a young man called "Harvey" 4 years old...
To our park conservation rangers below:
To enlarge click on the image... 
To enlarge click on the image...
Many thanks for your smashing letter "Harvey" 
to our park conservation rangers...
What a great picture of Robin Red Breast having his breakfast on your bird table. Wow!

Barry Short.
24th of April 2014.

Latest news letter ( No 12) from our press officer
Brian Harding,
you can find this in the green section titled :
"HCPAG Press Officer"
Barry Short.
22nd of April 2014.

Latest news letter ( No 11) from our press officer
Brian Harding,
you can find this in the green section titled :
"HCPAG Press Officer"
Barry Short.
17th of April 2014.

Help our Mayor of Lincoln Cllr Pat Vaughan
with his  
Chosen Charity for...
"Motor Neurone Disease"
  By reading about the 60 minute DVD below:

Please note that no council taxpayers money was involved in the creation of this DVD.
A donation from each copy sold will go to the Mayors Charity.  

Lincoln’s Stonebow and Guildhall – the Inside Story DVD(£10).
A feast of information, entertainment and anecdote as filmmaker
Andrew Blow
looks back on nearly 500 years of history and follows
Mayor making and the Civic year.
An hour that will make every Lincolnian walk taller for few cities can
match Lincoln for civic heritage.
“Brilliant” – Henry Ruddock, co-author
with Brian Taylor of “Above the Bow.”
View online for £2.99 or download for £10 at
Buy DVD for £11.50 inc p0st and packing at
The DVD is also available in both Waterstones stores, Ruddock's,
WHSmiths and the Cathedral shop for the sum of £10.00.
"From the Producer of Bygone Lincoln DVDs nos 1-4."
If you would prefer just to make a donation to the
Mayor and  Civic Manager Kate Fenn's   chosen charity 
please open the link below:
If you would like to see the SKY Dive, scroll down this page and watch it on "You Tube"
Barry Short
 14th of April 2014.
New Page in the green area named :
"Park Visitors Picture Page"
This is a page that I have opened to enable park visitors to send in their favourite pictures to display on this site.
Barry Short
 12th of April 2014.
The "Island Project"  team visit the
Guild Hall to meet the
Civic Party...
To enlarge click on the image...
Barry Short
 11th of April 2014.
Watch the Mayor of Lincoln Sky Dive from
13,500 feet for Charity...

Please note before you watch this video pause the music sound bar at the top of this page...

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Mayor of Lincoln's Charity Skydive
Mayor of Lincoln Cllr Pat Vaughan reached new heights - quite literally - in his fund raising efforts after jumping from 13,500ft above Langar Airfield in Nottinghamshire on Wednesday, April 9 2014....
Barry Short
 11th of April 2014.
Good news from our Press Officer Brian Harding HCPAG.
The image below is a new swing for the Play Area and should be installed before the 14th of April 2014.
To enlarge click on the image...
For more information about this new swing, open the link below:-
Watch your new swing in action on the video below:-
Don't forget to use your back button to return to site! After watching the video!

Age range from 8yrs to adult...
Should be of family fun...

Barry Short
23rd of March 2014.

Park Conservation Rangers, Park Volunteer's
and Brian HCPAG Press Officer.
To enlarge click on the image...
The Park Rangers with the volunteers have done it again...
Retained the green flag for the 6th consecutive year running! 
 Well done! and thank you all  for your hard work in maintaining our historical and much loved  park!
Barry Short. 15:10hrs
 19th of March 2014.

I was asked this morning by a family in the park...
When is spring and how long does it last?
The easy way of remembering the four seasons in my opinion is this:-
We have four seasons over 12 months in the UK!
Spring: March to May/ Summer: June to August/ Autumn: September to November/ Winter: December to February.
Barry Short. 15:50hrs
 18th of March 2014.

" White Bridge"
Now open!
Click on any image to  enlarge

Barry Short.
8th of March 2014.

Latest news letter ( No 10) from our press officer Brian Harding,
you can find this in the green section titled :
"HCPAG Press Officer"
Barry Short.
8th of March 2014.

Press release 06.03.2014 from City Hall...
"White Bridge"
to reopen in time for the weekend!
 8th/9th of March 2014.
To enlarge click on the image... 
Open the PDF below to read the press release from City Hall today, this is the news you have all been waiting for since the closure of the bridge on the
3rd of July 2012...


"White Bridge building and installation started!"
Tuesday 7th of January 2014...
I will try and publish a collage or single image day by day Monday to Friday of it's progress...
Friday the 7th of March 2014 is day 46 since it's start.
As you will have read on the LCC Press release above,
White Bridge is to reopen in time for the weekend...
The news you have all been waiting for since the closure of the bridge on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2012.
The bridge opening to the public is imminent!

Barry Short
Friday 7th of March 2014.
  To enlarge click on the image... 
Many thanks for all the positive messages you have sent! 
Far too many to answer each one but so nice to receive.
Thank you. 
Barry Short.
 7th of March 2014.

An old work colleague of mine at Royal Wootton Bassett sent me the following notice published by  RWBTC. 
So I thought I would share it with you as it is : 
So, so, true!..
Barry Short
2nd of February 2014.
To enlarge click on the image...
"Correct bird food is sold in our Visitor Centre!"
Even this correct bird food should be fed in moderation and fed within reasonable limits.

To enlarge click on the image...
Read two new reports by
Alan Flinthham RSPB of:
Swanholme and Hartsholme
Birdwatching for Beginners Walks 2013...
on the RSPB News Page in the Green Area.

08:55 hrs  Sunday the 17th of
To enlarge click on the image...
 Autumn Scenes around the park lake...
To view the slide show of the video, open the page:-
"Video Selection" in the green section.
To enlarge click on the image...
09:25 hrs  Friday the 8th of
Grey Heron's of Hartsholme Lake Island
Project 2014
Open the link below to watch the first short slide show  of the project team:-
"Choosing a nest to watch..." For best results choose the top "HD settings 1080p" on "You Tube"
What's new to report this morning...
I have received a few letters asking me:
 What is a cofferdam? 
As stated in the report below dated :
(06:59hrs Friday the 27th of September)
Final safety checks at  Hartsholme Country Park
before arrival of :
"New White Bridge"
I am no expert on this subject so I extracted a short explanation from Wikipedia for you...
A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure built within, or in pairs across, a body of water and constructed to allow the enclosed area to be pumped out, creating a dry work environment for the major work to proceed...
Here is a picture of the cofferdam built for the safety  inspection of the supporting stanchions of "White Bridge"  
To enlarge click on the image...
06:59hrs Friday the 27th of September
What's new to report this morning....
"White Bridge Final Safety Check"
To enlarge click on the image...
Final safety checks at Hartsholme Country Park
before arrival of :
"New White Bridge"
Visitors to Hartsholme Country Park will soon see works taking place for the replacement of its iconic white bridge.
Before the new bridge can be installed, specialist divers are to build a small dam around the supporting stanchions in the lake. This will allow final checks to confirm their stability to take place. These checks are to ensure the bridge will be safe and strong for generations to come.
The bridge itself is currently being fabricated off site by Lincoln based firm John Martin Hoyes Ltd.
If divers confirm the supporting stanchions are safe, the firm will be able to fit the new structure over the coming weeks. Its design takes in elements of the old bridge following consultation with park users and members of Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group.
Alan Brookfield, Project Manager at the City of Lincoln Council, said: "This is the final piece of work to be done before the arrival of the new bridge.
"The stanchions are the original ones which held up the old bridge for over a century and their capacity to hold the new bridge was assessed last year. We are now making final checks to ensure there has been no change in the stanchions and their bases since that assessment took place. We need to be 100 per cent assured of their ability to hold the new bridge before its arrival.
"The divers will create a 'coffer dam', which will give access to the lower parts of the stanchions and allow the structural arrangement and general condition of the stanchions below the water line to be assessed.
"Once we receive the all clear, the new bridge can start being constructed on site"
The previous bridge was found to be unsafe for public use and was closed in July 2012, with the timber deck and upper steel work being completely removed.
07:42hrs Tuesday the 23rd of September
What's new to report this morning
Welcome Fly Past over the park.
I have been asked if I can add a closer picture of the aircraft involved published yesterday taken by Ruth... Here you go...
Spitfire, Lancaster and  Hurricane.
Barry Short...
Image extracted from Wikipedia UK.
To enlarge click on the image...
07:02hrs Monday the 23rd of September
What's new to report this morning
Welcome Fly Past over the park...
Thank  for this picture...
To enlarge click on the notice
06:35hrs  Sunday the 25th of August
What's new to report this afternoon...
Notice for all park visitors!
To enlarge click on the notice
13:00 hrs  Sunday the 25th of August
"New Historical Facts" 
researched by Lisa Blezzard
(Conservation/ Education Ranger) 
is now on display in the Visitor Centre.
Well worth a visit if you are interested in your parks history!
Well done Lisa!
Open the link below to view PDF...
07:35 hrs  Tuesday the 20th of August
All visitors to the park please read the under mentioned BBC report!
"Lot's of young ducklings and goslings with deformities!"
The report applies to all wild fowl...
To enlarge click on the image...
"Correct bird food is sold in our Visitor Centre!"
Open the link below to read the report and try and look after the water foul that visit your park.
click on the link below to reach the BBC report ...
16:25 hrs Wednesday the 7th of August 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today...
Good News at
Just received from City Hall 
18:25 hrs Wednesday the 7th of August 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today...
Read the Lincolnite Report on the White Bridge News
Open link below:
Open the link below to read the full report below:
21:15 hrs Wednesday the 19th of June 2013...
Good News! At last f rom City Hall re:
White Bridge...
Open the link below...
10:25 hrs Monday the 3rd of June 2013...
Latest news from City Hall re:
White Bridge...
open document below image
click on the picture to expand the image...
White Bridge.doc (DOC — 3 MB)
15:15 hrs Saturday the 1st of June 2013...
Notice to all park visitors...
click on the picture to expand the image...
Speculated versions of delays to the progress of the proposed White Bridge are being spread around the park without knowing the complete facts...
This morning I was in contact with
Steve Bird the Assistant Director of Communities and Street Scene.
Steve stated:-  
" The City Council is mindful of the aspirations of park users to see the bridge replaced as soon as possible. However, we would ask for their continued patience as in practice we have a limited number of staff who can manage such projects, and currently they are having to give priority to some other vital projects in the city centre, such as the Lucy Tower car park. That is not to say that progress isn't being made, only that it cannot be as fast as we would wish. The Council's Property Services section are mindful of the wish to see the bridge replaced as soon as possible and we hope to be able to provide an updated timetable for installation shortly"
So, many thanks to Steve for finding time to make this statement!
Now it is a matter of time awaiting the updated timetable from
Council's Property Services.
This is fact and not speculation!
As soon as the latest timetable of the new bridge project is available it will be published on this site as soon as ever possible.
Regards to all park visitors,
Barry Short ...
20:45 hrs Friday the 31st of May 2013...
Yesterday our press officer Brian Harding informed me that one of the baby Grey Herons hatched this spring had flown from the island to Shearwater Close (full report on HCPAG Press Officer page)  and he was too weak to fly and find his way back to the island.
Jan, Brian's wife sent me this picture so I decided to give him a name and call him 
click on the picture to expand the image...
Brian contacted the Weirfield Wildlife Hospital and "Shearwater" was picked up and taken to the hospital for a health check followed by a fish meal...
This morning, Brian and I went to visit Shearwater at the hospital and he was  fine as you can see below...
click on the picture to expand the image...
click on the picture to expand the image...
He will be looked after for a few days and then released back to the lake and all should be well...

06:30 hrs Monday the 6th of May 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today...
Checking the site mailbox I have been asked when the video I recorded during this years event of "Sevens to the Sea will be published.
It is! You will find it on the "Video Selection Page" in the green area.
click on the picture to expand the image.
06:20 hrs Friday the 26th of April 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today...
Stunning picture of Adder taken by Keith Prescott  at 
Swanholme  Lakes Local Nature Reserve!
Click on snake to expand the picture
Open the lincolnite report below...

Great News concerning the new 
"White Bridge"
Funding to replace the old White Bridge in 
Hartsholme   Country Park  was approved at a 
Full Council Meeting on 16th of April 2013.
To read report number 6 from our press officer 
Brian Harding open the page:
"HCPAG Press Officer...
in the green area. 
10:30 hrs Wednesday the 3rd of April 2013...
Message from myself to all Parents or Guardians  on the 
"Kids Page"...
Locate this page in the green area
Barry Short.

What's new to report? On the site today?
Out with the old and in with the new...
New Dove Cote for your park...
I am not sure how long the old Dove Cote
lived in the park...
But speaking to Colin (Park Conservation Ranger), he informs me that it was there when he started  working for the park 17 years ago and was the home of several White Doves! 
It may have been there much longer...
Maybe? Someone remembers it from earlier 0r even when it was erected  in the park!
If you do, please drop me a line at: 
  It's sad to see it shattered   at the bottom of it's mast, having faced the elements for so long.
Click on any picture to expand
Barry Short...
12:00  hrs  Tuesday the 5th of March 2013...
The Kids Page is now open in the green area...
06:00 hrs Friday the 1st of March 2013...
Very Good News re: White Bridge...
Read News Letter number Five!
Brian Harding to be found on
HCPAG Press Officer Page in the green area...
Read the Lincolnite report on White Bridge...
open link below:
06:15 hrs Tuesday the 29th of January 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today?
Park in Winter 2013
Open new page in the green zone...
"Park in Winter 2013"...
06:35 hrs Tuesday the 22nd of January 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today?
Nice winter scene of Colin and Al
(park conservation rangers)...
Keeping your park up to Green Flag standard regardless of the severe weather conditions.
Many thanks to Brian Harding the parks press officer for sending me this photograph, more to follow before the snow melts he tells me.
click on the image to enlarge...
06:54 hrs the 13th of January 2013...
 Latest News on White Bridge from City Hall...
open link below...
07:21 hrs the 12th of January 2013...
What's new to report? On the site today?
Request by a group of teenagers asking me for pictures of Grass Snakes!
Expand the image above by clicking on it...
I myself have very few but take a look at the
38 image slide show also a great selection of 10 videos plus lot's of site user pictures on "Arkive" 
Just open and  browse the link below!
I hope this helps you with your project!
Barry Short.
07:25 hrs  Christmas Day the 25th of December 2012...
Open the link below for the Lincolnite Report...
White Bridge News -White Bridge News...
Here are the first drawings of how a new
White Bridge may look!
Proposals are to be put before a planning committee in January 2013...
Click on the above images to enlarge the drawing...
Great news in my opinion! I will keep you all up to date with future progress as and when I receive it from
City Hall...
News Letter number four from Brian Harding to be found on
HCPAG Press Officer Page in the green area...
16:45 hrs  Tuesday the 11th of December 2012...
"RSPB News from Alan Flintham HCPAG
Open RSPB News Page in the green section
also new video added to Video Selection Page in the green section...
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Press Release:
Open the link below:
Watch "White Bridge" progress images during it's removal for public safety:- Now Completed...
Click on start and wait a few seconds for slides to load...
Important News for all Park Visitors!
Extract from latest Press Release...
The bridge was found to be unsafe for public use and was closed on Tuesday 3 July. However, there have been numerous instances of people continuing to use the bridge, putting themselves at risk.
The white bridge at Hartsholme Country Park will be removed in the week starting 10 September after constant trespassing following its closure last month.
Picture taken by myself the day after closure, click on picture to enlarge.
White Bridge Press Release
open link below:-
White Bridge to be removed!
open link bel0w :-
The Centenary of 
 clean drinking water in Lincoln...
The Mayor, Councillor Kathleen Brothwell switches on the Arboretum Fountain 
to celebrate 100 years of in Lincoln. 1st of October 2011.  
Many thanks to Vic Kinnin, Rotary Club of Lincoln 
for allowing me to publish this image.

Species salvation at Swanholme Lakes!
To read the 
Natural England Press Release about
Species salvation at Swanholme Lakes 
open the
Swanholme Lakes LNR page...
If you require a Map and Guide for
Hartsholme Country Park
Swanholme Lakes Local Nature Reserve
       you can download 
from the downloads page.